PonyMC is a collection of various Minecraft servers in the My Little Pony Theme. We strive to provide our players with a fun and unique Minecraft experience. We're proud of our wonderful, creative, friendly community and will continue to improve upon the servers in any way possible.

Total unique players today: 358
New players today: 23
New players this month: 1419
New players this year: 7791
Total unique players: 30663


Fri Jun 26 2015 - 15:17:04 EDT

We regularly get banned players that blame their friends/siblings. Secure your account and lock your computer! https://t.co/DuiGvUQxDr

Thu Jun 25 2015 - 23:37:09 EDT

If we were to hold an event, what sort of activities would you enjoy?

Tue Jun 23 2015 - 08:53:54 EDT

Today is National Pink Day. To celebrate, Poniverse is celebrating Pink Pony Day! Dedicated to all things Pinkie Pie. http://t.co/4E0pnZAq2Q

Mon Jun 22 2015 - 11:37:13 EDT

Did you know that you could win one of three copies of Terraria at our server launch event? Join us on July 18th! More info TBA. @MLPForums