For 3 and ½ years PonyMC has brought the brony community a premier Minecraft experience.
PonyMC has had a good run, but the time has come to leave the ‘game’.
PonyMC has gladly served the community and is happy to leave its players in the able hooves of Poniverse and PoniArcade.

Art by Lulubell

PonyMC has transferred ownership of the Minecraft servers and all custom plugins to Poniverse.
This includes over 94GB of Minecraft map data, both past and present worlds.
PoniArcade will host and maintain the Minecraft servers formerly run by PonyMC.
During this time the servers can still be accessed by all of its over 30,000 players.

What does this mean for current PonyMC players?

You will still keep all items and all buildings will remain intact.
All maps, mods, and permissions will remain intact; and about half of the staff will be moving to Poniverse with the servers.
You can reach the server at play.poniarcade.com.

What does this mean for the rest of you?

You can join PoniArcade’s Minecraft servers at play.poniarcade.com!
Join us as we explore the creative, survival, and Equestria servers!

Visit PoniArcade »

Staff Remarks:

Thanks for sticking with us for the last ~3 and ½ years. It was great while it lasted. We know PoniArcade will do great things with the servers and we hope you have a lot of fun moving forward.”
PS - I still want your fish so give me that.
“Just make my quote a cute picture of Derpy.”
“When I joined PonyMC (at that time known as Ponyville.net) in 2011 I was simply looking for a pony server to have some fun, talk about MLP:FiM, shoot the shit and play minecraft for a few months. To my surprise I've stayed around and ended up being part of the OPs. Four years later we're handing our baby to a group that is still active and interested in the brony community, which is great for the server community we've accumulated. We were stagnating a bit too much, and I’m certain that PoniArcade will provide a good few years of fun itself! It's been a fun & rage-inducing run, friends were made and laughs were had; I regret nothing! Even the mistakes i've made (huehue Anna best staff). I'm sure you're all going to continue on and have a great time from here on out, I (and the current OPs) might be done with MC but there's new players joining every day, so good luck in all your adventures (and good luck to all staff, may the derps be few and lols be many).”
“The tyranny is over, you’re all free.”
"How lucky I am to have known someone who was so hard to say goodbye to. May you all find a bright and happy future. The time that we spent together was an honor and a pleasure."
Sonic Rain
Hello everyone, as one of the leaders of the PonyMC Equestria Project I’d like to thank everyone who has worked on and shown interest in the project. For those that don’t know, I’ve been a part of the project and similar projects before it sense 2011 on Ponycrat.net. At this point in my life I feel like I must break off from Minecraft and explore other avenues. Although I’ll be around, I must admit at this time that I find if difficult to further dedicate time to development of the EQ Project. As such, I am officially resigning from my position with PonyM. Whatever the future holds for the project I cannot predict. Others may very well continue its development. Regardless of what happens, the Equestria project as it stands now is a beautiful achievement built by many awesome people! Thanks again to everyone!